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I’m a visual artist and maker, based in Cardiff, South Wales. I’m a botanical colour specialist – making dyes, inks and prints from bio waste and natural materials.
Much of my practice is about facilitating others to make and work in a way that’s less harmful to the environment, less wasteful, longer lasting and more local.
My commercial work runs in parallel with my solo practice, all having mindfulness, sustainability, climate justice and respect for the earth at their core.

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I often collaborate with communities and places, such as Hollybush Estate, Llandough Hospital, Global Gardens and Graft at Swansea Maritime museum.

Chemical dyes and textiles can be really bad for our health and that of those who make them. I believe in creating harmlessly and strive to create luxury and useful items with zero waste, low carbon, locally sourced materials and people.

I work with other designers, artists, production companies, visual merchandisers, consultants and communities, as well as private clients, helping to realise their ideas.

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