sewing seeds

The best way to send a message to the powers over us, the lords of capitalism and an ever needy sneaky consumerist society, is to stop participating. Growing food and mending clothes are small acts of revolution. Passing on skills, sharing knowledge and produce, as well as making more inviting and friendly shared spaces – all these have happened here at Hollybush Estate, during this project and the time of Covid 19. The bonds formed, the creativity unlocked and the need for our connection to nature and each other – all continue to grow as life gets tougher here, with huge development on our doorstep, our valuable green wild space being eaten up and the sound of chainsaws piercing the former sweet bird song.


Thanks for the support:

Arts Council of Wales, The Woodland Trust, Keep Wales Tidy, Pughs Garden Centre, Cardiff Council land man Steve, Owen Griffiths, Paul Lastrade and HETRA