arcade almanac

day 19/21

sunrise 5:18 am
sunset 9:19 PM
16h 05m 14s of daytime
94.461 million miles away

i have to leave.

but will visit virtually and through julia for the last two days. and try from a west wales field, to add the last days of images. and more text. andandand .

i am happy and sad. i feel connected to the place.

it has been lovely. through the mundane, rituals, repetition, comes pattern and archetypal forms. conversations and connections are made.


day 18/21

sunrise 5:17 am
sunset 9:20 PM
16h 00m 27s of daytime
94.467 million miles away

i finished the three blueprint books and hung them vertically in an empty space. i will add writing later.

some people came to look.

julia brought in her letters in a little vanity case. i used to have a red one.

we drank rum and sat on the floor.

how did it take me so long to notice you?

how did it take me so long to notice you?

making blueprint journal books

making blueprint journal books

making blueprint journal books

making blueprint journal books

making blueprint journal books

making blueprint journal books

making blueprint journal books

making blueprint journal books

making blueprint journal books

making blueprint journal books

the outside world with another singer of the blues

the outside world with another singer of the blues

making blueprint journal books

making blueprint journal books


















day 17/21

sunrise 5:16 am
sunset 9:21 PM
16h 05m 14s of daytime
94.474 million miles away


started making cyanotype prints up on the balcony above the st john’s church entrance.

people stared.

the sun is incredibly strong. 10 minute exposure.


day 16/21

sunrise 5:15 am
sunset 9:22 PM
16h 05m 14s of daytime
94.474 million miles away

to get in this morning i had to plough through throngs of families around for graduation. heels. everywhere. and later that day – blisters and tired looking ladies.

in the space, i made the three concertina fold books – 7 pages in each – for the 21 days. then coated with cyanotype fluid ready to expose to the sun tomorrow.

a couple of friends visited.

and i realise there is fantastic yurt roof like circular window just a tiny walk from me. i can film it tomorrow with the timelapse app.

how did i miss it?!

too close to see it. that often happens.

i had a dime bar milk shake. cool.

the round window


day 15/21

sunrise 5:13 am
sunset 9:23 PM
16h 9m 47s of daytime
94.485 million miles away


still so sunny. a day to myself. to refine. de-clutter. rearrange. again.

it looks better.

i used letraset on the walls and the new diary pages.

and walked home to chapter again. someone has me looking at the street hardware. so many and such variations. another project.

caught a couple of bears being affectionate .

loving bears.


day 14/21

sunrise 5:12 am
sunset 9:24 PM
16h 11m 56s of daytime
94.490 million miles away

a day off. contemplated it, but it is just too hot.

sorry arcade.


day 13/21

sunrise 5:11 am
sunset 9:25 PM
16h 14m 01s of daytime
94.495 million miles away

saturday – a lazy morning of company and sunshine. later, the cool interior. but little achieved. watched and listened for an hour.

cardiff. on the way to the pub.


day 12/21

sunrise 5:10 am
sunset 9:26 PM
16h 16m 02s of daytime
94.499 million miles away


i missed. i am struggling to remember…

quite a few visitors. a lady and her daughter… she wanted a video of her life, to play back as evidence in disputes with her mother. the daughter wants to ‘do’ art. i want to too.


day 11/21

sunrise 5:09 am
sunset 9:27 PM
16h 17m 58s of daytime
94.502 million miles away


i had to compete with a wedding disco. not a good day. generally. but a few chats made it worthwhile.

the wedding dj


day 10/21

sunrise 5:08 am
sunset 9:28 PM
16h 19m 50s of daytime
94.505 million miles away

full very hot sun.

i waited. it did not happen.

things are tidier, on the wall. but messier in my head.  made more hand held films. followed by hours of edits. . but no decent playable dvd was made.

through the cog window


day 9/21

sunrise 5:07 am

sunset 9:28 PM

16h 21m 36s of daytime

94.508 million miles away





pedalled in. ’tis a heatwave, it is said. the arcade is cool and shadowed.
a few visitors and nice conversations. people like the idea, of the arcade space. a welcome relief, especially workers.
spoke to ‘John’ about the jewish texts that must never be destroyed and so are saved in a box in the temple. and the over scribing on scrubbed out portions of papyrus and vellum.

on leaving i filmed on the roof top. the quiet end of the day. blue sky and seagulls over the outside of the roof-light.
sent a text for a lad in distress who offered money to send a message to his girlfriend asking her to call the phone box in queen st.


day 8/21

sunrise 5:06 am
sunset 9:29 PM
16h 23m 17s of daytime
94.510 million miles away

full and hot sunshine.

a day of moving.. from one space to another. a chance to reassess, rethink, re-present.
the tears of 1983, bottled up.

day 7/21

sunrise 5:05 am
sunset 9:30 PM
16h 24m 53s of daytime
94.511 million miles away

the sun overhead. i’ll time its arcade appearance properly next week.


very very hot. but cool and dim in the space.
skype is not easy but it may be possible.
photo’d and filmed the two roof light windows. one is octagonal and strobes on the film. the arcade sounds like a swimming pool when played back.
photo’d shadows and sun and shoppers legs.

20130707-232336.jpg that’s it.


day 6/21

sunrise 5:04 am
sunset 9:30 PM
16h 26m 25s of daytime
94.512 million miles away

a stunning sunny day, and i felt the need to be outside, in greenery. so it was a short stay today.
added tv for diary film.
the processed diary film is now cutting through the cardboard windows. i much prefer it. i think paper made by public inserts into window spaces. next week.
dark matter: 21 gms film is playing on the spare wall.
a few visitors, boys especially (varied ages) seem attracted. the technology gets them in. i think.
the female heel excessiveness seems to be in decline, i thought today. a good thing.
did not test skype sky link… must do very soon. and ask permission for film. i may have to be cordoned off. a danger. or a spectacle. or something. hope i can.
the lovely miles across the way suggested help for 8mm projector issues. thankyou.


day 5/21

sunrise 5:03 am
sunset 9:31 PM
16h 27m 50s of daytime
94.512 million miles away

it is good to collaborate.
especially with a young mind.
she did what i had not thought of.
and people smiled, including me.


i have my spot. it is, unfortunately in the wrong arcade. permission must be sought. tomorrow.


day 4/21

sunrise 5:02 am
sunset 9:32 PM
16h 29m 11s of daytime
94.511 million miles away

racing clouds and sunshine, after the rain.

a friend has joined me. now there are three.

outside a harekrishna devotee tried hard against the prevailing wind and mobile addiction.

harekrishna man

stood still as a live statue and took five films of the sunny cloudy sky from inside the centre through the arcaded roof. and went outside to soak up the real warmth.

outside sky</a


day 3/21

sunrise 5:02 am
sunset 9:32 PM
16h 30m 26s of daytime
94.512 million miles away

things, including me, are finding their place.

we talked about bringing in the sunshine. and sending out the birdsong.

we put up three of the graze cardboard windows and played with lights and a fan and projections.

i waved at one of the security guards. i have to ask about making sun-prints up on the higher level. and about using the roof for photographing the sunny sky.

there are now books on display and the paper-making equipment ready. already there is a little pile of scrap paper to remake.

photo (3)

photo (2)

on leaving i spoke to a girl in the american sweet shop and a young very clean busker outside.

a good day.

busker 3.7.13


day 2/21

sunrise 4:48 am
sunset 9:20 pm
16h 31m 58s of daytime
94.509 million miles away

in the arcade – removed blackouts. changed desk position.

moved projection onto back wall. discovered i had made 21 sheets of paper from 1984 diary.

pinned up two of them in projection area.

fancied placing objects onto escalator rubber handrail. didn’t.

hung silk in window and projected bodymapping film onto it. it shone through onto arcade pillar. some people noticed.

watched and noted people for 10 minutes.


day 1/21

sunrise 4:48 am

sunset 9:21 pm

16h 33m of daytime

94.507 million miles away

cloudy, sunny, a little windy

in the arcade – it is the usual story – technological component issues. why do dvd’s, projectors and laptops never have compatible leads? clearly a capitalist conspiracy. and don’t get me started on macs and i-movie.

a short day to start my 21 day residency.


a baby crying.

a workman and a security guard.

2 girls in black.

an older man rushing with a waitrose bag.

2 young girls with coffee.

a lady in a hijab with lots of clothes bags.

a cool guy staring at his phone.

an older man with a bag printed with the swiss flag.

an overweight businessy looking bloke with white headphones.

all in 5 minutes.

people watching from behind blacked out windows.

the escalator is like a generation game conveyor of humanity.

okay, technology off. enough. just going to use my eyes and ears for the last hour of the first day.