botanical colours from global gardens

This week i started again on the dye beds at gg . the madder was still there, just coming through. so that’s been weeded and split and fed. i dug up a little for tests and it’s already good.

madder bed tidied up and doing well
rose madder roots
rose madder dye

i also weeded all the rest, planting the seeds of black cat scabious saved from last years’ amazing results. i had lots of flower heads saved too so they’re soaking on the windowsill now alongside the madder root.

black cat scabious flowers at global gardens
black cat scabious dye

Here’s the tests done onto paper straight from the first day soaking. kept warm, not boiled. unfiltered. added the usual modifiers/mordants. I’ll make pigments from these for a painting session at gg mnm later in summer.

madder and scabious colours on paper tests
madder and scabious colours on paper tests

i also tested unspun pure flax, from the gg 21 crop. i talked about dyeing prior to spinning this week and so i had to try! unmordanted and unbleached. the pink is beautiful. the scabious may be .. it’s still wet. i am impatient 😆

madder root and scabious natural dyes
dry samples of madder and scabious

now i’m making a lake to collect the pigments

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