in residence

I’ve been occupied the last 6 months, my body and mind invaded by breast cancer. I’ve got through the chemotherapy and have just had a single mastectomy and lymph node clearance surgery. I’ve worked when i’ve been able, mostly teaching workshops, but there has been little creativity. Some people are inspired to make work about and with their illnesses. I’ve not been. I hate it and have battled with dark emotions. My studio seems a daunting place, overwhelming. So to have a gentle bright place to ease my creative self back to wellness is something i’m looking forward to. For the lovely Made in Roath are having me in for two weeks at their gallery 1a Inverness Place.

I’m going to walk – it’s part of my recovery – a 2 mile triangle of the city from the gallery to Roath park. Gathering, documenting, thinking. The gallery will be my workshop, for me to map, make urban inks and city land-scapes; to have conversations about sustainable practices, natural materials and making processes.

2 mile triangle

I can’t guarantee the cancer won’t appear in my work … there is a lot of talk about it especially in October, but i’m yet to see an acceptance of a body with a mastectomy in daily life or the media. ‘The overall impression is that the market offers options for a woman to normalize her body, cover herself, and discourage attentiona woman who has undergone a mastectomy must want to keep her missing breast a secretshe can have body confidence only when she can disguise her body.

Where are all these sisters, aunts, grandmas, friends, who I’m told have had it? Is symmetry so important? Who are we reconstructing and knitting knockers for… our own comfort or for others? I have a high resolution 3d scan and a hand made cast of the breast i’ve lost, which i’ve thought to utilise for clothing and augmentation of my body now structurally modified.

I’ll welcome conversations, about any of it. I’m okay to share with anyone who wants to know more for themselves or others facing the shit storm that cancer is. 🙏🏻

1a Inverness Place

First 2 weeks December

Which days i’m in will vary, so please check before coming

There will be an event one eve and one afternoon, with dates tba. But i’ll be posting news and work on my instagram cat_colourfield

I hope to see some of you there x