+wellspace+ residency

Whilst at 1a Inverness Place cat will be making ink work, whilst also exploring her current recovery from breast cancer.

I see the residency as being about making a sanctuary, a safe space, a community of wellness, a place of growth, inspiration and transformation. In making a well-space I hope to promote a personal therapeutic process, improving well-being through the combination of meaningful activity and connection with a place and the people. I’ll offer a place to gather, grow, learn, share and be inspired; a place where people gain a new connection to the urban landscape, to work in harmony with it, slowly embracing the natural and creating a sense of personal peace and well-being within the community”.

The weekend before the residency Catherine will collect water and wood from a nearby healing well site, with friends who have helped her in her recovery.

The well was one of a number in Cardiff which were considered to be holy and endowed with powers of healing… ‘It rises out of the soil with great force, and immediately forms a pool of considerable size, which is overhung with trees, and teems with aquatic growths of various kinds. The scene is one of wild and romantic beauty…’ (John Hobson Mathews, 19C city archivist).

The well-tree dressing that follows in 1a will have echoes of the clootie well tradition, which are places of pilgrimage in Celtic areas. Strips of white cloth or rags are tied to the branches of the tree as part of a healing ritual.

Catherine will then be in 1a to make a well-ness space for slow making and recovery; the space will also house her urban ink making lab, using well water and materials found whilst walking between the well sites and the gallery. She invites visitors to bring ink ingredients to her and also donations of old bottles to store ingredients and finished inks.

Anyone affected by breast cancer is invited to the +well+ space on the second Tuesday, to share conversation and add messages.

On the final Friday, for mid-winter’s eve, there is a gathering to hear about the making process and to write, play and draw with the inks.

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