zero waste gardening

winter gardening. the almanac tells me what to be doing. so we pruned trees, weeded, put down wildflower seed, composted and ate christmas panettone in the icy lovely sunshine.

almanac january new moon

I pull up the little willows that have taken root. The root bark makes a yellow dye so i strip it easily and soak in hot water. I’ll dry the core remains and read up on how to use them. i’ve immersed cashmere sock remnants, a sample of wooly wales yarn, and a scrap of my wedding dress. the orange is from adding a little soda. vinegar bleaches it back. it’s now in a jar for a week. #zerowaste.

after 24 hours in a warm place, washed, still wet.. with soda, peachy. with vinegar, yellow.
willow root core

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