on the mend

i do this… three days into forced isolation and of staying put, i get the idea i need something to do, to keep my detoxified, petrified mind from dropping off a cliff

hand stitching, embroidery, repairing, mending… i turn gently to this pass time again, as most other physical actions are beyond me. this time it’s hip surgery.

the stuff of life . makes good ink too

i have a few things of my own to fix for sure, but i like to mend for others. it always gets a surprised smile. and it makes me feel better. recovery is a small part physical and a lot of mental. anything that makes positive energy has to be good.

so, rather than being on the take, as this tory government (and cardiff labour controlled council i add) like to insinuate – with their endless forms, uninformed and ill prepared staff, pointless tests and totally absurd delving into ones private life, in order for the ill and disadvantaged to receive the most basic paltry level of assistance to help live through tough times….

i’m on the make instead.

I’ll put on buttons, re popper, darn holes, patch tears, embroider edges. in return you could bake cookies, share garden goodies, sweep my balcony, clean my windows, or send chocolate 😊

if you like what i do for free, you can treat me! https://ko-fi.com/catlewis